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Grand Strategy is a massive multiplayer version of the board game RISK. There are other RISK games out there. Those games are not grand-strategy games. In those games, you play a game of RISK, you win or lose, and that's it: you're done. There's no larger persistent world to tie the whole experience together.

In Grand Strategy campaigns, two factions fight for victory in one grand war. When you join a campaign, you choose a faction. The factions control territories on an overworld map. Each separate RISK game occurs on one territory map. As games are won and lost, the factions gain and lose territory and victory points on the overworld map.

Grand Strategy is a turn-based game for two to ten players. The game is designed to be played in real-time, or in a slower turn-based mode where you play one or two turns every day in as many as thirty different games.

The game is Player vs Player with no offline mode. Grand Strategy must be played online.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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